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 Colloidal silver 13 ppm Bottle 1 liter
Colloidal silver 13 ppm Bottle 1 liter
 3x0,5 liter
3x0,5 liter
 3x1 liter
3x1 liter



We assume that you (the customer) at all times of ordering has read our terms of purchase and delivery.
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Customer also need to make sure to follow his or hers origin laws.
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If there is something wrong with your item, with the manufactering or delivery we take care of all extra expenses involving sending the item back. That is if we do not have reason to belive that the damage is not self-inflicted by the purchaser.

All complaints shuld be written by email to us as soon as you detect the problem. Make sure to carefully describe the problem before returning the item (photos are great!).

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